If you have been taken into custody, or have received a (DAT) or Desk Appearance Ticket you will be scheduled for an arraignment. There are many types of violations, they range from Felonies, such as drug crimes, (including possession of a controlled substance), driving under the influence (DWI), Domestic Violence, Sex Crimes, etc. all of which will require an Arraignment hearing.

Attorney Joseph W. Murray serves the needs of those in the Queens and the New York City area. He understands that any court proceedings can be concerning and he is committed to helping his clients through the arraignment process. Joseph Murray is committed to protecting your rights while obtaining a positive outcome.

Once the booking process has been completed you will be issued a (DAT) Desk Appearance Ticket, and a date to appear in court. It will be critical to obtaining counsel for your appearance and for your lawyer to review the details of your case so the proper defense can be prepared for your criminal arraignment in Queens and New York City.

If you are taken into custody you are innocent until proven guilty when facing criminal allegations. When you retain the services of Joseph W. Murray, the criminal arraignment defense attorney will enter your not guilty plea. Only after the plea is entered will a judge decide if it is appropriate to set bail or release you on your own recognizance (“ROR”) In all of these instances the judge has a lot of latitudes which is why having the best possible representation is necessary. Your criminal defense attorney, Joseph W. Murray will represent you in court and use his skill to try and have you released or bail set for as little as possible.

The judge will be the one assessing on how serious the crime is and take into consideration your past history. If you are accused of a serious crime your bail could be considerably higher than if are accused of a less serious offense

It is even possible for certain serious felonies not to receive bail at all. The judge will consider your level of involvement in the community, which helps them to determine your “flight risk.” The more involved the defendant is in their community, the less likely they will leave the area and not attend future hearings. Things like property ownership, employment, and friend and family connections in the area will be important. Your New York Criminal Lawyers will be very important in this process and can help to make an impact on how these issues are decided.

The arraignment hearing can be set the tone for your criminal case. Securing the help of counsel during this process is very important. If you call a Queens Criminal Arraignment Lawyer from our office you will receive not only advice and guidance, but a free consultation. Stephen Bilkis & Associates, PLLC has offices available to you in Queens and throughout New York City, as well as Nassau County and Westchester County. Whether it’s a gun crime resulting in a weapons possession charge, a traffic ticket or a White Collar Crime call:

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