Assault Defense Attorney, New York City, Queens

Have you been charged with Assault in Queens or New York City? Contact the Law Office of Joseph W. Murray.

Assault charges in Queens or New York City are severe and have damaging consequences. It’s possible you can receive significant jail time and face substantial fines because prosecutors tend to pursue these cases aggressively.

When the allegations against you are severe, and injuries are involved, they will attempt to prosecute to the absolute extent of the law. You’ll need an experienced Defense Attorney to take your case. The Law Office of Joseph W. Murray is uniquely qualified. Joe brings his experience as an NYPD officer to your defense. He has experience that will give your case an additional point of view especially if you have an Order of Protection. Those tend to lead to further litigation after the criminal case ends.

With so much to consider you will want an Attorney who understands the nuances of your criminal case. Joe has successfully defended numerous cases involving these crimes, and because of his background, he is uniquely qualified. Having been accused of assault as a police officer and forced to prove his case as one of self-defense, he brings a different perspective.

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