Bribery Lawyer, New York City, Queens

Bribery is a Federal Offense, and if convicted you can face up to 15 years in prison. Also referred to Extortion those convicted can face fines and possible civil action.

Bribery is a type of extortion and defined as giving money or gifts to someone in a position of power in an attempt to influence policy or a decision. It comes in two forms, either offering or accepting a trade as a means to modify an outcome in your favor. The FBI investigates these crimes.

To be specific crimes can include:

  • Bribery of a Public official
  • Bribery of a Witness
  • Bribery of those involved in federally funded programs
  • Kickbacks
  • Payments to inspectors to avoid regulation compliance

A person’s activities may be considered an act of bribery even though they didn’t think what they were doing was illegal. When suspected of extortion, you will need a strong criminal defense to have your charges reduced or dismissed. This requires the expertise of an experienced White Collar Crime Attorney like Joseph W. Murray. Joe will defend your rights and provide a defense no matter which law enforcement agencies have brought charges against you.

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