Credit Card Fraud

Credit Card Fraud Lawyer, New York City, Queens

When a person is charged with credit card fraud, it means they’ve been accused of stealing another person’s information and using it for fraudulent charges. Over the past several years this type of crime has become more sophisticated in large part because of the number of transactions completed online in unsecured networks.

With the increase in these financial crimes, The federal government has been attempting to monitor and crack down especially those related to credit cards. If you are convicted the penalties for this are severe which is why you need to seek legal assistance right away.

What is credit card fraud?

These scams involve the deliberate use of a credit card to purchase or illegally obtain items. With these crimes, the prosecution must prove that the theft was done intentionally and with the intention to defraud.

A person can be sentenced for the following:

  • ATM theft
  • Using another person’s credit card
  • Using a revoked or canceled credit for a purchase
  • Identity theft
  • Check Forging
  • Lying obtain a loan or credit

Depending on the details you could face prison time. This is why you need the help of an experienced White Collar Crime Attorney in New York and Queens.

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