Forgery Defense Lawyer, New York City, Queens

Forgery law is complicated. When accused of this crime, you need to know what to do next. Forgery requires the individual skill and insight of an experienced New York City and Queen’s defense lawyer, like Joseph W. Murray. Tel: (646) 838-1702 or E: Mail

What is a Forgery?

Forgery is the technical term for falsifying or altering the written document or someone’s signature. Also referred to as intent to defraud with a “written instrument”. Forgery is a White Collar Crime and a Federal Offense felony in all 50 States, some examples include:

  • Falsifying a signature on a check
  • Creation of a fake ID
  • Altering transcripts or academic records
  • Changing the contents of a will

Penalties for Forgery can include prison or jail time, extended probation, substantial fines, and mandatory restitution. Some states, including New York, have different degrees of felonies. For example, in New York, the first-degree forgery involves falsification of stocks, bonds, securities, and currency.

Forgery in the Second-degree involves written government documents. Third-degree violations are classified as misdemeanors and include all other types of falsified documents.

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