New York State has one of the most stringent weapons laws in the country. Owning a firearm without a permit or carrying your registered gun where it’s prohibited is against the law. These offenses can quickly turn into felony charges, which have mandatory prison times and carry hefty fines resulting in permanent consequences.

Weapons charge penalties in New York can be harsh, especially for unlawful firearm use and possession. The State of New York is known for having one of the strictest stances on weapons in the nation.

It is important to note that weapons do not always mean guns. You can also be charged for being in possession of ammunition, explosives, dart guns, stun guns, knives, and even anything that resembles a sword.

Don’t let the severity of these laws catch you off guard. You also need to be concerned if you legally own a firearm and are carrying a legal permit from another state. Once you hit the New York Border those permits are not recognized and you are in for the same penalties.

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