White Collar Crimes

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White Collar Crimes are common, but they include some of the most serious federal offenses. These crimes are known to affect the economic condition of a person, a business, or the government, and they are not harmless. These types of violations require the expertise of an experienced white collar defense attorney. The Law Offices of Joe Murray has the experience you need if you find yourself confronted with this situation.

Common White Collar crimes include:

When a person takes advantage of the assets or property of another for their gain, it’s thievery, and that is a felony offense which carries severe penalties. Predictably you will be investigated by federal agencies, instead of local police which means you will need representation with that specific expertise, that is why contacting The Law Offices of Joe Murray when an incident occurs is critical. If you find yourself being investigated by the:

If you get convicted, receive a subpoena to produce financial records or a federal agency makes contact you are more than likely under criminal investigation. Any conviction can damage your reputation; you could be sentenced, face hefty fines with the possibility of spending time in a Federal Prison. Don’t take any chances, call New York City /Queens Criminal Defense Attorney

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