Wire Fraud

Wire Fraud Lawyer, New York City, Queens

Wire fraud is a White Collar Crime. It involves using information systems to communicate from one state to the other to scheme and engage in illegal fraud.

Wire fraud is a Federal Crime; if convicted you can be sent to prison, up to 20 years as well as face considerable fines. This offense by itself is a violation even when nothing has been stolen. If any of these crimes involve a bank or financial institutions, the jail time and fines dramatically increase. You can be imprisoned for up to 30 years and pay up to a million dollars in fines. Because this crime is loosely defined, you will be charged if you so much as mention something over the phone.

The other thing to remember is that Wire Fraud prosecution teams are well financed and highly experienced so you must have someone who can represent you that has full knowledge of these crimes and can put forward a solid defense

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