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“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

The Law Office of Joseph W. Murray

Joseph W. Murray

Joe Murray is a retired New York City police officer (1987-2002) who proudly served the people of the City of New York, during some of the most violent and tumultuous periods of high crime and civil unrest. During his police service Joe developed an uncanny ability to stay focused and remain calm under fire that has transferred to his courtroom advocacy.  Joe is also widely respected among law enforcement and the greater legal community as someone with great integrity and credibility.

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  • Experienced

    – 1988 Responded to Tompkins Square Park Riot
    – 1991 Responded to Crown Heights Riot
    – 1992 Responded to Washington Heights Riot
    – 2001 Responded to Attacks on the World Trade Center

    – 2003 Graduated CUNY, Queens College, Cum Laude
    – 2006 Graduated CUNY School of Law
    – 2007 Admitted to practice law in the State of New York
    – 2009 Admitted to practice law in the United States District Courts of EDNY and SDNY

    NYPD Police vehicles parked on the street on Broadway in NYC.

    Defense of Law Enforcement

    Law Enforcement Officers are under attack like never before. Woke politicians, political correctness, and a biased media are spewing hate and fear of the police based upon false narratives, and other misinformation. Amazingly, these extraordinary human beings continue to come to work, suit-up and go out on patrol to honor their oath to defend the State and Federal Constitution and protect and serve the community.

    Without question, today’s police officers must perform their duties cleaner, more intelligently, and professionally than any generation of police officer before. The Law Office of Joseph W. Murray is honored to offer quality legal representation to members of the Law Enforcement Community of all ranks.

    Criminal Defense


    If you are a criminal suspect, a fugitive, a person of interest, or even the victim of a misidentification, or false arrest,


    Nothing good ever comes from fighting with the police, but those that do will usually end up with more severe charges, being hospitalized, and endangering their own lives and the lives of others.

    1. Be polite, respectful, and cooperative;
    2. Stay calm, keep your hands visible;
    3. Know your Constitutional Rights;
    4. Record the interaction;
    5. Immediately request an attorney;
    6. Call attorney Joe Murray!

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    Civil Rights

    Today our Constitutional Rights and personal liberties are under siege like we have never seen before in our country. Our Federal, State, and local governments have swelled in executive power exercising more and more control over our lives and restricting our freedoms.

    The Law Office of Joseph W. Murray is committed to defending your civil rights by seeking redress from overly intrusive agents of the government who may infringe upon your constitutional rights.

    Personal Injury

    Suppose you or someone you love suffers an injury or death in New York City because of an accident or negligence. You deserve to be compensated for the damages you suffered. It is imperative to immediately retain counsel to preserve any and all evidence that may be available, especially video surveillance evidence, which is quite often here today but gone tomorrow.

    That is why you should immediately consult with the Law Firm of Joseph W. Murray to educate yourself on your situation and immediately gather up and preserve all possible evidence.

    FDNY and NYPD on a street corner tending to someone in need of medical attention, perhaps a lawyer


    Federal Crimes

    A federal indictment always begins in the caption with, THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, against, “John Doe”… That is the reality, that the awesome power of the United States government is against you. If you have ever been in the crosshairs of the United States Government you know just how intimidating that can be.

    The government has limitless resources and awesome coercive powers at its fingertips to use against you. As such, you need to be represented by a fearless advocate who will defend your rights to the fullest extent of the law. The Law Office of Joseph W. Murray has defended numerous cases in federal courts of the EDNY and SDNY.


    Experienced Trial Lawyer

    Whatever your legal issue may be, the threat of taking a case to trial is always persuasive during any negotiation, for both sides. Joe Murray is an experienced trial lawyer having tried numerous cases to verdict within the Supreme Courts of the State of New York, County of Queens, Kings, Bronx, and New York, and in Federal District Courts of the Eastern and Southern Districts of New York.


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